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Lords report calls for government to look further ahead on capital


A new report on the future of the NHS out today flags the need for longer-term capital finance planning for the health service.

The report by the House of Lords Select Committee on the Long-term Sustainability of the NHS recommends financial settlements spanning the entire length of a parliament, as well as for needs for the next decade and beyond in cases such as ‘significant capital investment programmes.’

Our Property Director, Andrew Darke, says: “Constraints on NHS capital budgets have limited public funds for improving primary care premises in recent years, and coming hot on the heels of Sir Robert Naylor’s review of NHS property and estates – which described the ‘urgent need’ for capital to ensure that the buildings used to provide patient care are fit to deliver the Five Year Forward View – it’s good to see this report call for longer-term capital finance plans.

“In his analysis last week, Sir Robert pointed out that the existing capital grants programme to improve GP surgery buildings won’t be enough to meet the vision of the Five Year Forward View, and recommended that private sector investment should be one part of the solution.

“Ultimately, GPs need the right places and spaces to work from if they’re going to deliver the changes they’re trying to make. It’s going to take significant investment above and beyond anything that’s gone before – and the private sector stands ready to help.”

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