A dependable partner for future health: serving all premises users

The Company has identified its key stakeholders and taken steps to ensure the right structures exist to meet expectations. The key stakeholders can be identified as:

  • the NHS, with whom partnerships are formed to deliver primary care and associated healthcare support services;
  • the communities to which those services are provided;
  • employees and business partners of Assura Group;
  • GPs, medical professionals, support staff and other healthcare service providers; and regulatory and industry bodies;
  • Our investors, who provide equity or debt funding.

Assura’s commitment to environmental protection is demonstrated by our achievement of ISO 14001 accreditation. We are also ISO 9001 accredited, as a result of Assura’s proven commitment to quality. Both awards are externally assessed, internationally recognised benchmarks. They reflect Assura’s determination to provide the highest standard of service, whilst ensuring that our potential for impacting the environment is carefully monitored and all possible improvements identified and implemented.

Please click here to view Assura’s Environmental Policy